Tube Ice Machine

Tube Ice

Tube ice is thick, transparent, and beautiful. It has a long storage period, and has good air permeability. Tube ice is widely used in food, commercial cold drinks, fishery seafood, tube ice wholesale and retail, pharmaceutical laboratories, etc.

1. Tube ice in commercial cold drinks

In bars, hotels, cold drinks shops, KTV and other places. The addition of tube ice to cold drinks is very popular, especially in tropical areas of Southeast Asia. It is one of the ways for people to cool off.

2. Wholesale and retail

Ice tubes are beautiful and not easy to melt. They are especially suitable for packaging, retail and wholesale to hotels, supermarkets, cold drink shops and other places where ice is needed.

3. Tube ice in fishery seafood

The tube ice is hollow, hard and transparent, has a long storage period, is not easy to melt, and has good air permeability. It is one of the best ice types for fishery and seafood preservation. The tube ice has no edges and corners that will not harm the refrigerated goods, and is hollow and air-permeable, which can guarantee the quality of seafood, and it can be stored for longer than the flake ice.

Tube ice machine

Tube ice machine is a kind of ice maker. It is named because the shape of the ice tube produced is a hollow tube of irregular length. The outer diameter of the tube ice is divided into φ16mm, φ22mm, φ28mm, φ35mm, φ38mm and other specifications. The length ranges from 30 to 60mm, and the diameter of the inner hole in the middle can be adjusted according to the time of ice making, generally between φ5 to 10mm.

Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration(CBFI) has mastered the core technology of tube ice machine manufacturing, and has complete product processing capabilities. The equipment can produce 0.35-50 tons of ice per day, which can meet the needs of different customers. At the same time, it provides a one-stop solution for a fully automated large-scale edible tube ice production line to reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, and ensure the safety and hygiene of edible ice in all aspects.

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