• 18May
    Congratulations to CBFI for passing the national high-tech enterprise certification again!

    Recently, the National High-tech Enterprise Recognition Office released the 2021 National High-tech Enterprise Recognition List. As an old batch of high-tech enterprises, Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd. (CBFI) has once again been re-identified as a national high-tech enterprise.                             2021 National High-tech ...

  • 10May
    Are commercial flake ice machines high power consumption? What are the usage skills?

    Are commercial flake ice machines high power consumption? The structure of the flake ice machine determines that the flake ice machine does not consume electricity. Flake ice machine does not need to remove ice like square ice machine, tube ice machine and block ice machine, and it is more energy efficient. 1. The flake ice machine is mainly composed of a compressor, an expansion valve, a condense...

  • 05May
    Various technologies of large direct cooling block ice machine

    Various technologies of large direct cooling block ice machine: The gap between the back of the large direct cooling block ice machine and the left and right sides is not less than 30cm. Solenoid valve started to work to improve the drinking standard of water, high-efficiency fluorine-free compressor. The compressor does not stop during the entire ice making and deicing process, otherwise the ice ...

  • 25Apr
    The difference between air-cooled ice machine and water-cooled ice machine

    Air-cooled? water cooling? How to choose an ice maker? All refrigeration equipment will generate high temperature and high pressure during refrigeration, so it is necessary to cool the system, and the CBFI ice machine is no exception. The cooling method of the ice maker is divided into two types: air cooling and water cooling. Air cooling is through the rotation of the fan, the cold air blows thro...

  • 02Apr
    Precautions for the use of refrigerants and emergency treatment of leakage

    1. Avoid entering highly concentrated water vapor. Although some refrigerants are not flammable under normal temperature and pressure conditions, their mixtures can burn and even explode under high pressure and high concentration air conditions. 2. The storage of refrigerant should be kept away from fire sources and high temperature metal surfaces. 3. The toxicity of refrigerants is low, but high ...

  • 08Nov
    Fresh cold chain logistics center project-Cold storage ammonia refrigeration system project

    It is understood that the park has a storage capacity of 70,000 tons, of which low-temperature freezer storage is 40,000 tons, fresh-keeping cold storage is 20,000 tons, constant temperature storage is 10,000 tons, and dry cargo storage is 10,000 square meters; it is equipped with 5,000 square meters of north-south two-way temperature control closed month. Platform, more than 60 loading and unload...

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