Product Technology History

CBFI® R&D History

In 2001, Cooperated with Germany BUCO

The development of the company's technology began in 2001 with the cooperation of the German BUCO company for large plate ice machine .

In 2004, Large Cube Ice Machine and Plate Ice Machine

1、CBFI invented 20 tons/day cube ice machine and was the first in the world.

2、In the same year, the first large auto plate ice machine in China was invented.

In 2005,Two Leading Technologies

In cooperation with the Thermal Engineering Laboratory of South China University of Technology, it successfully precipitated two unique technologies of “thin wall turbulent heat transfer” and “circulating hot gas ice picking”, reaching the world's leading level.

In 2006,Low Temperature Chiller

Successfully launched China's first low-temperature chiller close to 0 °C, successfully serving the well-known food company - Hong Kong garden Bread
 (Yangzhou) factory.

In 2010,Large Freon Ice Block Machine

1、Launched a 100-ton 24 hours large-scale fluorine system ice block machine, which was successfully operated in Malaysia and was the first in the world.

2、Successfully launched a 5-ton fluorine refrigeration tube ice machine.

In 2011, Tube ice machine upgrade

1、The performance of the tube ice machine has been fully upgraded. Through the cube ice machine and tube ice machine, CBFI has established a leading position in the edible ice industry and promoted the healthy development of the industry.
2、Introduced the first generation of auto block ice machine.

In 2015,Large tube ice machine and packing machine
1、20 tons Freon tube ice machine was successfully developed.
2、The automatic ice packaging machine was successfully developed to completely solve the health and safety of packaged ice.
3、 Launched the 20 tons cube ice machine.
4、Launched the intelligent cold room unit.

In 2017,Pure ice machine and ball ice machine

1、Successfully developed pure ice machine and ball ice machine to lead high-end edible ice consumption.
2、 Launched 30 tons 24 hours Freon tube ice machine to serve Korea's largest edible ice plant.

In 2018,Automatic Edible Ice Making Factory
1、Through system integration, a complete set of fully automatic large-scale edible ice plant equipment was successfully launched.
2、In the industry, the concept of LCCP cold storage was first proposed.
3、Patent authorization for cryogenic automatic storage systems.

In 2019,Large Ammonia Tube Ice Machine
1、A 60 tons 24 hours Ammonia system tube ice machine was successfully developed.
2、Launched solid tube ice equipment
3、Launched the second generation of auto direct cooling ice machine.

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