Flake Ice Machine
Flake ice
Flake ice is only 1.5~2.2mm thin, its color is white, with large surface area, which means good cooling. The cooling efficiency is 2~5 times higher than granular ice and tube ice. Therefore, it is widely used in food, catering, fishery seafood, industrial cooling, medical laboratories, etc.
1. Flake ice machine in fishery and seafood
Used for ocean fishing: Use ice flakes to quickly freeze seafood to keep the seafood fresh and keep the taste of seafood. It is currently the best way to keep seafood in the sea.
Frozen transportation of aquatic seafood: Close the incubator truck or ordinary box truck, add ice flakes or ice cubes to achieve the purpose of cooling and keeping fresh, which is a common way of keeping fresh from seafood wholesale to retail.
2. Industrial application of flake ice machine
Because of its large surface area and good cooling effect, flake ice machines are often used for concrete cooling.
3. Flake ice used in supermarket
Supermarket aquatic products preservation: spreading flakes ice on the table, and then spreading seafood and aquatic products on the ice flakes, is currently the most common retail preservation method, which can preserve freshness and is convenient for consumers to purchase. This preservation method can be well preserved Seafood taste and umami.

Flake ice machine
Flake ice machine, a type of ice maker, produces dry, loose white flakes with a thickness of 1.5-2.2m and a diameter of 12-45mm. The flake ice has a large contact area, is dry and is not easy to agglomerate. Flake ice quickly refrigerates, and could be thoroughly mixed with objects. At the same time, it has no sharp edges and corners and will not stab frozen objects. CBFI flake ice machine has excellent refrigeration effect, has the characteristics of large refrigeration capacity and rapid ice making, and is widely used in catering and supermarkets, fishery preservation, food processing, concrete cooling and other fields.
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