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CBFI is the world's leading manufacturer of the cold room like medical cold room, fish cold room, fruit vegetable cold room and other application cold room. and we are endowed with many years of experience in the R&D research in this type of machine and put a lot of investment in it.

CBFI Cold Storage Room

With market-leading expertise, we offer our customers high-tech cold room solutions that can be used anywhere and can save you on installation and maintenance costs. The cold room that we provide can offer the best protection for perishable goods with efficient operation and long service life. In addition, our machines can be updated in the future to further extend your investment life. With extensive experience and expertise in refrigeration solutions, CBFT has become a qualified and trusted manufacturer of cold room.

Cold Storage Room Application

The cold room has a wide range of application such as fruit, vegetable, fish, meat preservation. It proves to be the best food preservation solution with its fast freezing time and great thermal installation performance.

  • blast freezer
    CBFI Cold Front Quick Freezer Product Feautures The ultra-low temperature quick freezer developed by CBFI is mainly used for rapid cooling and freezing of food, and can quickly lock food nutrients. and quality have a significant effect. Compared with conventional cold storage, our ultra-low temperature quick freezer has the characteristics of faster freezing, more energy saving and easy operation. ● The compressors and refrigeration accessories of the unit use well-known brands to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the unit ● The unit is equipped with a variety of protection devices to ensure safe use. ● The operating system of the unit adopts programmable and remote monitoring electronic control, with excellent performance, safety and reliability, and simple operation. ● The unit completes the system pipeline assembly and the installation and debugging of the electrical control circuit in the factory, and the installation on site is simple and convenient. ●The unit and the cabinet are integrated, with a compact structure and ultra-low noise. Cold front type quick freezer application Frozen shrimp - 28 degrees (25 minutes) Cold Pangasius - 25 degrees (30 minutes) Cold Salmon - 23 degrees (28 minutes) Product Parameter Type QKTSDGD100A1 QKTSDGD200A2 QKTSDGD300A3 QKTSDGD500A3 QKTSDGD1000A4 Freezing capacity 100KG/2H 200KG/2H 300KG/2H 500KG/2H 1000KG/2H Refrigeration unit 6+ 10HP Emerson scroll cascade unit 10+ 15HP Emerson scroll cascade unit 17+25HP Emerson scroll cascade unit 15+25 HP Fujihao piston cascade unit 40+60 HP Fujihao screw cascade unit Dimensions mm 2000*2020*2125 2800*2020*2225 4700*2020*2275, its Medium cabinet 3900*2050*2100 4400*2050*2100 7500*2050*2100 Air cooler DJ25 DJ50 DJ50*2 sets/DJ75*1 sets DJ60*2 sets DJ75*3 sets Power KW 10 133 15 03 26 5 32 66 97 Refrigeration COP 1.57 1.075 1.0 1.19 0.79 Form One-piece One-piece One-piece Split Split

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  • Cold room units
    CBFI CYL Series Intelligent Cold Room Units With Compact Design Intelligent Cold Room Unit is touchscreen controlled cold room unit. It is easy to install, and easy to use. There are two types of intelligent cold room unit, wall-mounted and separated. These kind of cold room unit is suitable for small size cold room. The power is from 2HP to 8 HP. Product Features ◪    Defrosting water automatic evaporating system. ◪    The electronic expansion valve throttles for efficient operation. ◪    Inner grooved copper tubes are used in the condenser and evaporator for efficient condensation and evaporation. ◪    Unique mandatory defrosting mode design, avoiding the evaporator side frost-free dry. ◪    Integral box-type structure is adopted to avoid the quick aging of the equipment, electric appliances and wires. ◪    Self diagnostic. Automatic adjustment occurs according to the ambient and inside temperature and humidity. ◪    Intelligent defrosting. Various defrosting methods: air defrosting, four-way valve defrosting and electronic expansion valve defrosting. Defrosting methods switch automatically according to the cold room temperature and ambient temperature. Defrosting time and power consumption reduces greatly. And the cold room temperature rising is under control in minimum range. Multiple defrosting safeguards system ensures safe defrosting and the unit’s steady operation. ◪    Unique low pressure compensation system during four-way valve defrosting. ◪    International brand accessories are adopted to control technological process. ◪    Convenient installation, plug and play, time-saving and labor-saving. No need welding and water pipes connecting during installing.

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  • Cold room units
    CBFI VCR Series Open-Type Cold Room Units For Different Usage Open-type cold room unit is the ordinary type cold room unit. It is widely used in all kinds of cold storage. CBFI has engaged in cold storage design, manufacture, and construction for over 10 years. It is able to provide you not only the machine unit, but also the one-stop cold storage solution.  Product Features ◪    Convenient maintenance. ◪    Rational structure, making full use of the heat exchange capacity of the condenser. ◪    High quality refrigeration components and completed configuration, ensuring great unit  operational reliability. ◪    Adopting Bitzer semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors, for high energy efficiency ratio and low noise. ◪    Adopting efficient shell tube condensers, assuring high heat exchange efficiency and long service life. ◪    Convenient wiring. The Bitzer water cooling unit is equipped with waterproof terminal boxes. And all control component connection will access the junction box.
  • Blast Freezer
    CBFI JD Series Blast Freezer For Food Processing And Preservation Low-temperature quick-freezing is the key to long-term high-quality preservation of food. Rapid cooling can make food quickly pass through the ice crystal formation zone, prevent the formation of large ice crystals in food cells, avoid damage to the cell wall, and perfectly maintain the original quality and taste of the food. The temperature of the quick-freezer is generally -15 ° C ~ -35 ° C. It is mainly used for low temperature and rapid freezing of food, medicine, medicine and other items. Cooling down quickly and the preservation effect is good. Product Features ◪    Avoid generating large ice crystals between cells ◪    Reduce intracellular water analysis, less juice loss during thawing ◪   The concentration of solute and food tissue inside the cell tissue, the time of contact between the colloid and various components is significantly shortened, and the harm of concentration is reduced to a minimum. ◪  Rapidly reduce the food to the temperature of microbial growth, which is beneficial to resist the growth of microorganisms and its biochemical reactions. ◪   The short stay time of food in freezing equipment is beneficial to improve the utilization rate and continuous production of equipment. ◪   The Blast Freezer is customized based on the weigh of meat and the ideal freezing time. Advantages of Blast Freezer Fish and Meat cold room is used for long-term meat products preservation. The temperature is below -18℃. Under certain environment, meat will last for much longer. CBFI fish and meat cold room is able to cool down the temperature in a short time. Meat will be frozen quickly, thus its freshness is kept properly.   

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  • Medical Cold Storage
    CBFI Customized Size Medical Cold Storage Room Medical Cold Storage Room The temperature of Medicine Cold Room is commonly +2℃ ~  +8℃. The cold room mainly stores various medical products and devices whose quality cannot be guaranteed at normal temperatures. The cold room keeps medicine not going bad at low temperatures and prolong the shelf life and meet technical requirements of Drug Administration. Medicine Cold Room has the advantage sof fresh-keeping, fast cooling, complete function, energy saving. The refrigeration control system adopts intelligent microcomputer electric control technology on needed human intervention. It can monitor and record temperature as well as humidity of the storage area. With fully automatic constant temperature, automatic startup and shutdown without manual operation and digital temperature display, the storage security of the medicines is ensured. Packing & Delivery

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  • fruit cold storage room
    CBFI Cold Storage Room For Fruit And Vegetable Fruits & Vegetables Cold Room is a cold storage facility to preserve fruits and vegetables. The low temperature can reduce the incidence of pathogenic bacteria and the decay rate of fruits & vegetables. Besides it can slow down the process of respiratory metabolism of fruits and vegetables, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing decay and prolonging the storage period. The preservation temperature of fruits and vegetables ranges from 0 °C to 15 °C. The temperature of different fruits and vegetables needs to be stored differently. If the temperature is too low, it is easy to cause frostbite and finally lose economic value for some kinds of fruits & vegetables. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right temperature to keep fresh fruits and vegetables in the cold storage. Products Features  1、Storage Capacity: Customized 2、Long storage shelf life, great economic benefit. Grapes can be preserved for 7 months, apples for 6 months and garlic sprouts for 7 months, all remaining fresh and with less than 5% total consumption. Generally, local grapes are sold at only 12RMB/kg. The after-storage grapes can be sold at 30RMB/kg around the Spring Festival. One-time investment cold room, the service life can be built up to 30 years. The economic benefit is remarkable and can be gotten at the same year. 3、Touchscreen intelligent controlled, easy to control. Advantages of fruits and Vegetables Cold Room Fruits and vegetables cold room needs artificial control of the ratio of N2, O2, CO2, C2H4, humidity, temperature(above the frost critical point) and air pressure. Metabolic processes are delayed by inhibiting cellular respiration, making goods lie dormant. It can keep the texture, color, taste and nutrition for a longer time and realize long-term refreshment. CBFI®China Top Cold Room Manufacturer have extremely rich experience in cold room for fruit engineering.One-stop Service for Design, Construction and Operation Training. Size can be customized.Free Solutions and Quote.

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  • meat cold storage
    CBFI Cold Storage Room For Meat and Fish Frozen meat storage is a scientific solution for preserving the perishability of meat foods. Meat foods lose their use value due to enzyme decomposition, oxidation and microbial growth and reproduction. Freezing can inactivate enzyme decomposition, slow down oxidation, and inhibit microbial growth. Make the meat food is dormant, and the original quality is maintained after several weeks or even months of product production before being consumed. Many countries have specified that frozen foods, manufactured goods and aquatic products must be transported at temperatures of -18 ° C or lower. Meat cold storage frozen meat products are: frozen meat, poultry, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, duck, goose, fish, seafood and other meat products. Product Features Storage Capacity: Customized 1、  The cold storage of meat is made of colored steel plate or stainless steel plate. It is non-toxic, tasteless and rust-free. It can reduce the heat transfer caused by the temperature difference between internal and external, so as to achieve the maximum efficiency of cooling and freezing system. 2、  Good thermal insulation: meat cold storage using advanced composite materials as insulation material to make composite slab, its light weight, high strength, good thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-mite, non-toxic, not mildew, in It can show its superiority at ultra-low temperature. 3、 Refrigeration equipment energy saving, low noise: meat cold storage using world famous brand refrigeration compressors, low energy consumption, low noise. 4、  Micro-computer automatic digital display electrical controller, automatic constant temperature, meat cold storage without manual operation. Advantages of Meat and Fish Cold Storage Room Fish and Meat cold room is used for long-term meat products preservation. The temperature is below -18℃. Under certain environment, meat will last for much longer. CBFI fish and meat cold room is able to cool down the temperature in a short time. Meat will be frozen quickly, thus its freshness is kept properly.    Product Details Cold Room Panel There are three kinds of surface material for chosen, stainless steel, aluminium plate and color steel. The plate is choosen based on the surroundings.

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