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    CBFI API Specs Automatic Ice Packing Machine  CBFI automatic ice packing machine is fast packing, saving time and manpower, mostly used in packing tube ice and cube ice. It is definitely the first choice for medium and large edible ice factory. Connect full functions of delivery, weighing, filling, sealing, counting etc. PE packaging - packaging machine using PE bag packaging, saving the cost of packaging bags, a roll of film can be made into 2000 bags Packaging machine automatic bag making High speed with stable sealing. It is up to 25bags/min Stepless adjustment - the packaging speed is stepless adjustment, just adjust the cutting speed with the knob, the packaging speed will automatically change accordingly. The replacement of the film is convenient - the packaging machine is convenient to replace the film, pull the film to the entrance of the film, press the button, the film is automatically installed. Equipment investment cost can be recovered in less than on year Packing process is sanitary to meet the food sanitation standard Automatic edible ice plant to evaluate efficiency and sanitation. Product Parameters Automatic Packing Ice Machine MODEL API-100 Parameters Capacity 10~25bags/min Ice Weight 2~18kgs/bag Film Material LLDPE Film Thickness 2~5kgs: 0.04mm minimum 5~15kgs: 0.06mm minimum Bag sizes Length: 400~800mm Width: 300~380mm Power Supply 380V-3P-50Hz, 4.37kW Air Pressure ≥0.6MPa Machine Weight 800kgs Machine Size(L*W*H) 3350mm*1170mm*2250mm Product Details PLC Control With system controller, the machine can be easily adjusted for different parameters as per requirement Lifter: Convey ice automatically Weigher: Easily changeable of weight without using scale Plastice Films: Make bags automatically FAQ 1、Q:How do I know whether I need an automatic packing ice machine?       A:If you have the following requirements, then you need the AIP100.          Better Packing Efficiency          More Clean Ice          Less Labor Cost 2、Can I use my unique bag design?        Yes, you can provide the design to us to make unique films for you or customize your own film at your country with our certain specs. 3、Is the automatic packing ice system a single machine?       No, it contains packing machine itself and lifting and conveying ancillaries.

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  • Ice Packing Machine
    CBFI China Vertical Ice Packing Machine For Ice Business Main Features 1. Specially designed to pack 1kg-2kg ice with less gap. 2. Fully automatic with high efficient packing speed 30-40 bags per min. 3. Applied advanced heat sealing technology for packing ice product. Technical Highlights 1.Four-Axis control system enables highly synchronized motion. 2.Vacuum suction film pulling technology improves bag size accuracy. 3.Cooperative with ice bin, ice lifter, ice bag transfer belt to realize automatic ice packing.

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