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CBFI Automatic Packing Ice Machine

CBFI Automatic Packing Ice Machine High Working Efficiency

The First Choice For Large Edible Ice Factory


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Introduction of Automatic Packing Ice Machine


Automatic Ice Packing Machine is an advanced equipment that integrates feeding hopper, weighing, bag making, filling, sealing, printing and counting, which packing ice pellet into bags. This equipment packs ice in a high speed. It is stable and easy for operation, which greatly improve the working efficiency. Besides, it largely reduce the manpower and save cost for large edible ice factory. Automatic Ice Packing Machine is the priority for large edible ice factory.


Advantages of Automatic Packing Ice Machine


1.     Full automatic packing system, save labor cost and production cost.

2.     Make sure the ice plant can realize large scale production.

3.     Make sure ice is clean and health for eating. All part contact with ice is SUS304 material.


Basic Parameter of Automatic Packing Ice Machine


Model API Dimension 3350(L)*1175(W)*2250(H) mm
Power Supply Single Phase/220V/50Hz Rate of Work 4.37 kW
Weight 800 kg Bag Material PE
Bag Size

Length 400~800 mm

Width 300~380 mm 

Packing Quantity 2~10 kg/bag
Packing Speed ≤25 bag/min Storey Height ≥3.25 m
Remark: the difference of packing quantity will influent the packing speed and daily output of automatic ice packing machine.


Features of Automatic Packing Ice Machine


1.     All the packing process can be done automatically: Feeding, Weighing, Bag Making, Filling, and Sealing. By the way bag can with date,bar code etc simple information.

2.     PLC control system, full automatically operation, If there have ice in the ice bin, machine will pack it automatic, if there are no ice in the ice bin, machine will stop automatic , no need to watching the machine all the time.

3.     High Efficiency: Our packing machine packing speed is 15-25 Bags/Min.It’s according to the weight of each bag .And the max speed can goes to 25Bags/Min.

Automatic Packing Ice Machine-1

Automatic Packing Ice Machine-2

Our Service


1.     Warranty: One year.
2.     Manual Book:  Detail instruction book with clear drawing will be provided to tell you how to install and operate the machine.
3.     If customer's technicians come to Guangzhou and visit our factory, we can train the customer's technicians to operate and install machines.
4.     It is possible that customers need our technicians to install and train customers operating machines in their country. We have technicians who have been to many different countries to work.
5.     If you are interested in our products, please contact us. We would be very glad to provide professional service for you. 


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