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    CBFI CBM Series Ball Ice Machine Ball ice maker, Ice ball carving machine, and ice sphere machine are the different name for the same machine. It is the new product provided by CBFI. This machine is able to carve pure ice block into ice balls. The ice ball is crystal clear and clean, which promotes luxury of whiskey or spirit. 1. Ice ball machine was Independent rearch and development by CBFI, which is exclusive in China. 2. High efficiency to make ice balls, up to 200 unites per hour.  3. Ice ball is perfect with 100% clear and roundess.  4. Ice ball size can be customize. Daily Production Daily production quantity of our ice ball machine could be 312 units, 624 units, 936 units, 1248 units, 2880 units Production Process  1.Pure Ice Making :Using CBFI Pure Ice Machine to make crystal clear pure ice. 2. Flatten Pure Ice: Carefully flattening the pure ice.  3. Ice Ball Carving: Carving the pure ice by using CBFI Ice Ball Carving Machine.       4.Packing Ice Ball: PET box packing.   5.Luxury Finish Packing: Luxury box finish packing. Application area  Since the crystal ice sphere is high quality luxury ice type, we suggest use it with whiskey, brandy, cocktail, party, cold drinks etc high-end wine. Or use as hospitality promotion application, such as in ice bar, ice sculpture etc.

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