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Drinks That Fit For Adding Ice Into(2)

Hot! hot! hot! Summer is like a stove, let’s cool down with a glass of iced Coke.




Last time, we shared a little knowledge about the iced alcoholic drinks(click here to read). Today, we will give you some inventory of iced drinks suitable for summer.




Carbonated drinks

In the summer, carbonated beverages are very suitable for adding ice to drink, especially if you think the carbonated drinks are too sweet, then add ice can serve twice. Either to cool the drinks, but also diluted the concentration of sugar. Crystal clear ice with carbonated drinks colorful colors, cooling at the same time, you can also feast for the eyes.




Fruit juice

Juice, especially concentrated fruit juice, is actually very suitable for ice drink. Ice can slowly reduce the temperature of the juice, so that the tongue will not lose the feeling of sweet too rapid. Ice-added fruit juice becomes layered, and when the sweetness is suppressed by low temperature, the fruit becomes prominent. At the same time, a certain degree of dilution can also reduce the sense of stimulation.





Coffee, yes, you are not wrong, that is, coffee. Every day we come into contact with all kinds of coffee, coffee beans made coffee, bags of instant coffee, and can cold coffee. Here to say, is the evolution of cold coffee version, iced coffee. If you are fund of coffee, iced coffee is really worth for a try, weakening the sweetness of coffee, the real coffee flavor can be highlighted.



Soda water

Soda water as a relatively weak taste drink, the taste is not enough for summer. After reading the article, boldly try to add ice to drink it, so that the feeling of ice will add more charm to it.


Reading so much, do you want to try some iced drinks? In fact, I am now ready to challenge the legend of Asian drinks, Shashi as well as Laoshan white snake grass water.