China Railway 11 Bureau Zhengwan Railway Project Block Ice Machines
Oct 31 , 2020

The Zhengwan Railway has a total length of 818 km and a design speed of 350 km/h. After opening to traffic, Zhengzhou to Wanzhou is expected to arrive in 5 hours, and Zhengzhou to Chongqing can arrive in more than 6 hours. The railway starts at Zhengzhou South Station and connects to Zhengzhou East Station through a connecting line. It passes through Kaifeng City (in the territory of Weishi County), Changge City, Yuzhou City, Pingdingshan City, Nanyang City and Dengzhou City of Henan Province. Xiangyang District, Nanzhang County, Baokang County, Shennongjia Forest District, Xingshan County, Badong County of Enshi Prefecture, Xiangyang City, and then enter the territory of Chongqing City, connecting Wushan High Speed Railway through Wushan County, Fengjie County, Yunyang County to Wanzhou District . It is an important part of the Zhengyu High-speed Railway (Zhengzhou-Chongqing), and it is also the main high-speed passenger channel connecting North China, Central China, and Southwest China, and it also takes into account the intercity and tourist passenger transportation along the line.

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