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CBFI PIM01 Pure Ice Machine

Pure ice machine is a high-end transparent ice production equipment which use pure drinking water to produce ice that have the characteristics of slow melting, crystal clear, free of bubbles, visually enjoyable, clean and health, etc. Cooperate with CBFI processing equipment, such as chop ice machine, cutting machine, it can process different sizes of ice: the big square ice, ice ball, elongated ice, etc., which are widely used in wine with ice, drinks with ice, also can be used in ice sculpture, etc.


Pure Ice Applications


Widely used, suitable for many places, such as ice art, drinks, coffee shop, bar, hotel, restaurant, supermarket. 

pure ice clear ice crystal ice-2


pure ice clear ice crystal ice-1




1) Daily capacity is about 80 kg.

2) The thickness of ice is 40 mm to 90 mm.

3) Ice Making Automatically, no need people stand by

4) Ice Forming Time depends on the thickness of the ice

6) All our pure ice machine is stainless steel 304 framework, including the machine bottom


pure ice machine parameters




1) Patented technology products

2) All stainless steel 304 material for frame

3) Convenient for client to operate

4) Single phase, home or shop use

5) Less space occupies

6) Crystal clear ice, no bubble, superb purity


Pure Ice Machine


Pure ice machine


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