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50 tons Automatic Edible Ice Plant in Guangzhou China(1)

Why Choose Us


1. The product quality is stable, the equipment output is less affected by the season, and the customer can ensure the stable supply of ice;

2. Provide professional ice plant planning and design, provide a full set of ice plant equipment, effectively reduce procurement costs, construction costs, production costs and operating costs;

3. The company has installed about 10 large-scale projects of over 100 tons at home and abroad, and has a group of excellent technical service engineers to ensure the quality of installation and after-sales.



Guangzhou, China


Geographical Features


Guangzhou is located in subtropical coastal. The Tropic of Cancer passes through the south. It is a maritime subtropical monsoon climate, with warm and rainy, adequate light and heat, long summer, short frost-free period is characterized. The annual average temperature is 20-22 ℃, which is one of the largest cities with the smallest annual temperature difference in China.


Industry Characteristics


The current distribution of edible ice factories in Guangzhou is relatively scattered, the industry as a whole is not regular, and there are many black ice plants; the SC ice plant is not large in scale and is produced by manual packaging.


Equipment Usage

Edible ice supply


Device Configuration

tube ice machine, cube ice machine, automatic packing ice machine


The Overall Introduction of the Project


The ice plant so far is the largest edible ice plant in Guangzhou, with strict SC standard design, and the first one to use automatic packing ice machine.


Project Progress


At present, the project has completed the positioning and installation of 3 sets of tube ice machines and supporting conveying equipment.

edible ice plant, ice plant, automatic ice plant-1


edible ice plant, ice plant, automatic ice plant-2


edible ice plant, ice plant, automatic ice plant-3