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Dong guan 90 cubic meter fruits and vegetables cold storage



3 sets 5.7m*2.3m*2.3m fruits and vegetables cold storage , totally is 90 cubic meter ( adopt 100mm thickness PU and 0.326mm double side color steel .) inside room temperature is 2-10℃。


fruits and vegetables cold storage feature

1:Widly using.Suitable for the north and the south a variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, nursery stock, fresh-keeping

2:Long term storage freshness and high economic benefits. Such as grape can be fresh for seven months, apple 6 months, garlic moss seven months, the quality of fresh is good , total loss no more than 5%. Generally grape price is only 6 yuan/kg, if storage to before and after the Spring Festival, the price will raise to 7.5 yuan/kg. One-time investment and built cold storage, use age can be up to 30 years, the economic benefit is significant. Investment in that series and effective.

3:Easy operation and maintain. Intelligent refrigeration equipment to the Internet and mobile phone APP control temperature, automatic start-up and shut-down, without special care, form a complete set of technical and economical and practical.


fruits and vegetables cold storage advantage

Fresh fruits and vegetables is artificial control of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene gas composition proportion, humidity, temperature, freezing point in the (above) and air pressure, by inhibiting cell respiration of the storage amount to delay the process of metabolism, make furniture is in a dormant state, thus can longer stay by stock texture, color, taste, nutrition, and other basic unchanged, so as to achieve the effect of long-term preservation.