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CBFI 2 Sets of 5 Tons Bag Ice Machine In West Africa

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The republic of west Africa.

a tropical rainy climate with high temperature and rainy day on the sea side; a tropical grassland climate with high altitude on the mainland. The geography there determines the ice market demand is big .

Daily capacity : 5 tons, 1 China Yuan for each 5 kilo

Bought 2sets 5 tons bag ice machine respectively in 2012 and 2013 .

Feature of the bags ice machine:

The evaporator was embed into the evaporation plate. The refrigerants will circulate inside the pipe. When bag was filled with the water and Placed between the two evaporation plate. As Refrigeration system work as normal, the water and evaporation plate got a heat exchange, during this process, the refrigerant liquid become the gas by absorbing a lot of heat, finally , cooling the water and make the water of the bag freezing .