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60 tons Integrated Ice Plant in Angola(1)

Why choose us


1. Provide professional ice plant planning and design to build a blueprint for future ice plant operations for customers.

2. Our company has a wide range of products to meet the needs of customers in different markets.

3. The technical strength of our company.

4. The service capabilities (installation and maintenance) of the company.






Geographical Features


Located in the tropics, the annual average temperature is 24 °C, the temperature is up to 47 °C, and the demand for edible ice is large. The local fishery resources are abundant, and it is rich in lobster, crab and various marine fish. The fishery is an important industry in Angola, and the ice is always used to keep fish fresh. The demand of ice is also growing.


Usage of Equipment


Edible ice and ice for fisheries.


Device Configuration


block ice machine, tube ice machine and ice bin supporting equipment, sea water flake ice machine, and containerized cold storage.


The Overall Introduction of the Project


The project is a comprehensive ice plant with a daily output of 60 tons. It integrates edible ice with industrial ice to meet the needs of different customers for ice.


 Ice Plant Schematic

Angola 60 tons ice plant-1.1

Photo of Project Site


The equipment has arrived and the local construction team hired by the customer is building a factory house.

Angola 60 tons ice plant-1.2