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20 tons cube ice machine is installing in Zhenzhou city China(1)

Second phase:

Installing the related equipment:cooling tower(the four sets of cooling towers on the left side are for cube ice machine. The bigger cooling tower on the right side is for the tube ice machine), RO water filter machine

Installing the electricity and water supply pipe




The cooling tower had been installed on the top of the building




Finished the installation of the cooling tower


20-tons-cube-ice-machine-is-installing-in-Zhenzhou-city-China-4 20-tons-cube-ice-machine-is-installing-in-Zhenzhou-city-China-7


cube ice machine electricity installation and testing




Cube ice machine water supply pipe installation


20-tons-cube-ice-machine-is-installing-in-Zhenzhou-city-China-5 20-tons-cube-ice-machine-is-installing-in-Zhenzhou-city-China-6 


installaing the RO water filter machine