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1355 cubic meter food cold room is installing in America in 2016(1)

America 1355 cubic meter cold room for date(0 to -2℃) and cheeze (-18 ℃).


cold room design drawing(2016.12.06)




Cold room in client warehouse, our engineer and their workers check goods.


1355-cubic-meter-food-cold-room-is-installing-in-america-2 1355-cubic-meter-food-cold-room-is-installing-in-america-3 1355-cubic-meter-food-cold-room-is-installing-in-america-4


First day we installed a part of wall, and took picture with them


Second day, we finished all wall installation, and check the ceiling work, because client warehouse hanging beam position not match with our cold room, we try to find out the way and purchase accessaries to solve this problem.



Engineer make hole on warehouse roof, for cold room ceiling.


1355-cubic-meter-food-cold-room-is-installing-in-america-6 1355-cubic-meter-food-cold-room-is-installing-in-america-7 1355-cubic-meter-food-cold-room-is-installing-in-america-5 1355-cubic-meter-food-cold-room-is-installing-in-america-8


Carry roof cold room panel.