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CBFI 20 Tons Tube Ice Machine In Iran

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Western Asia, the sixth largest city in Iran, the largest city in the south, the ice market is large.

Customer Ice factories sell ice, as well as drinks, fruit juice.(20 tons of /24 hours of ice.)

Tube ice sliding into cold storage by transmission, ice was packaged by from ice outlet.

Customer purchase:TV200 ice machine, chiller, 30 cubic small cold storage, ice storage bin

Tube Ice machine:

Edible ice machine, by the national certification of food grade 304 stainless steel. Is the most widely used as a kind of chromium

Nickel stainless steel, corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, impact resistance, bending, thermal processing performance, welding

And properties; non hardening heat treatment, suitable for processing, storage and transportation of food.

Design ideas:

Customers buy 30cubic meter and 800kg semi automatic ice storage bin. Through the transmission of the ice, the tube ice fall into the ice storage bin, which was  installed in the cold storage, and then packaging.

1:improve the utilization rate of the tube and avoid the melting ice phenomenon in the process of the ice out and packaging.

2:to reduce hand touch, to ensure that the ice clean and sanitary, reduce labor costs to save expenses.