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50 tons flake ice machine and rake structure is installing in Morocco



As early as April 2012 customers Mr.Adil and their team (Engineering Department ,marketing, Finance) had been in Guangzhou to visit our company and checked our machines for running, on our meeting we discussed the details on design and business terms also installation.After visiting,customer listed some new requirement on the whole 50-ton raking system ice machine project Program,we had a detailed and long time communication on detailed changes and communication, the program in October 2012 has been completed.


After two years of preparatory work, the customer contacted us again at the end of 2014, for the entire 2 sets of 25 tons container-type ice machine, a 50 tons ice storage, a complete raking system, as well as the whole steel structure design re-confirmed, and then in December 2015 the contract is signed and we get the deposit to start the production.


The project is currently Morocco's largest rake-type ice machine automatic ice system, is located in Morocco west of a harbor, the ice is mainly used for harbors around the fishing boats, improve seafood quality. Customers also set aside a production line location, plan a second production line will be carried out after one year.