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6000 Cubic Meters Ice and Snow Indoor Playground in Guangdong China

Why Choose Us


1. Professional technical solutions and entertainment are perfectly combined. Mr. Tan, our chief engineer, who has more than 40 years of design experience, carefully designed and rationally arranged according to the complex characteristics of the indoor housing structure, so that the overall environment achieves a constant temperature effect and enhances the tourist experience;

2. The high-quality construction team can guarantee that the project will be completed on time and in quantity. Since the construction site is located in a crowded commercial center, the construction time is arranged in a period that does not affect the normal operation of the plaza. The construction engineering team relies on rich construction experience, arranges reasonably, works overtime, successfully completes the project before the 1st of June(Children’s Day in China), and passes the acceptance. ;

3. The company's technical strength. Icesource has more than 40 members in the R&D team, including more than 10 professional cold storage engineering designers. The company's strength has been widely recognized and has successfully entered the US market in recent years.



Guangdong China


Geographical Features

A certain Wanda Plaza has a large flow of people; the annual average temperature in the area is around 22 °C, and there is no snow all year round.


Industry Characteristics

The development of ice and snow tourism industry has shown a strong upward trend. However, traditional outdoor tourism is subject to geography and climate constraints. There are widespread problems such as homogenization, repeated construction, short and low season operation, and insufficient project experience. These problems are almost non-existent in indoor ice and snow play projects.


Equipment Use

Ice Kingdom, Children's Entertainment


Device Configuration

6000 cubic meters ice and snow cold storage


The Overall Introduction of the Project

indoor ice kingdom, ice playground-0

The project covers an area of ​​over 4,000 square meters and will become the city's largest real ice and snow attraction after its opening. With the current world-class, exclusive custom ice and snow manufacturing equipment, the patented temperature control system developed by ourselves ensures that no matter any time or human flow, the temperature is always maintained at -5 °C, the top domestic craft team is fully polished for 30 days. Art ice and snow sculptures, even all ice and snow are made of pure water.


Project Real Scene

Ice and Snow Playground-1

Cooling Fan and Cooling Coil Three-dimensional Cooling System


Ice and Snow Playground-2

Overhead Coil



The igloo is well preserved at -5 ° C and will never melt.