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Pure Ice Machine

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  • CBFI PIM02 Pure Ice Machine

    CBFI PIM02 Pure Ice Machine

    CBFI PIM02 Pure Ice Machine Pure Ice machine uses the direct refrigeration evaporator made of  the aluminum alloy with highly efficient food grade. The machine storage the water on the direct refrigeration evaporator by mould.Different from the traditional brine system five sides freezing method, direct refrigeration Pure ice machine is only one side frozen at the bottom, so the ice forming speed is slow.Howe...

  • CBFI PIM01 Pure Ice Machine

    CBFI PIM01 Pure Ice Machine

    Pure ice machine is a high-end transparent ice production equipment which use pure drinking water to produce ice that have the characteristics of slow melting, crystal clear, free of bubbles, visually enjoyable, clean and health, etc. Cooperate with CBFI processing equipment, such as chop ice machine, cutting machine, it can process different sizes of ice: the big square ice, ice ball, elongated ice, etc., which a...