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CV2000 2 ton 24 hrs Cube Ice Machine

Cube Ice Machine Product Description

CV Series Cube Ice Machine

CV Series Cube Ice Making Machine is the first ice machines which adopts four leading technologies: ice thickness self-regulation, ambitent temperature autoadaptation, automatic ice-forming water supplying and facilitated condensing pressure steady system. The ice making process is full automatic, the cube ice is in nice look and without thickness difference. Reasonably adopting two patent technology: flat plate heat exchange and circulating heat ice-dropping technology, which solves the small cube ice machine problem of low production, high electricity consumption and ice-dropping not steady. CV Series Cube Ice Making Machine becomes the first choice in the world.


Specifications For Cube Ice Machine:
Working ConditionsPower Supply380V/50Hz/3P / 220V/60Hz/3P / 460V/60Hz/3P
Cooling WayWater Cooling/Air Cooling
Max. Ambient Temp.+45℃
Supply Water Temp.+23℃ to 18 ℃
Condenser Temp.+40℃


Cube Ice Machine Model

ModelIce Making CapacityRated PowerCirculating Water Pump PowerCooling Water Pump CapacityCooling Fan CapacityDimensionWeight Of Machine

  cv2000-cube-ice-machine-1 cv2000-cube-ice-machine-2 cv2000-cube-ice-machine-3


Main Features
1:Large ice production: the machine is designed under high outdoor temperatue to make sure the production. When in summer, the ice output rate ranges from 90% to 95%. When the ambitent temperature is lower than 23℃, the ice output rate can reach 100%-130%.( For those small cube ice machines, the ice output rate is 50% to 60% in summer.)
2:Low electrric power consumption:  it only needs 85kw.h to make 1 ton cube ice in summer when the ambient temperature is lower than 23℃. (For those small cube ice machines, it needs150-160kw.h for 1 ton cube ice.)
3:Easy operation: adopting PLC system design.
4:Space-saved: integrated design, compact structure .


Detailed Images

cube-ice-machine-cube-ice-2cube ice

Cube Ice Features: 
1:Two sizes for optional:22mm * 22mm * 22mm, 29mm* 29mm *22mm.
2:Application:widely used in hotels, bars, restaurants,  fast-food shops, supermarkets and cold drink shops,etc.



Nickeled Copper Ice Moulds Features:
1:Ice model test with concentrated nitric acid our ice model can resist 60% concentrated nitric acid.
2:Long use life.



Heat Exchange Features:
1:Cooling the refrigerant flows into the expansion valve in a lower temperature, which improves the refrigeration efficiency.
2:Heating the liquid return-refrigerant into gas after making ice, which helps all the refrigerant go back into compressor in gas avoiding liquid impact of compressor.



Touch Screen Features:
1:Easy to operate like smartphones.
2:Display the machine running conditions clearly.
3:It can be designed to control the machine to start or stop by mobliephones.





Packing & Delivery



Our Service

1:Warranty: One year.
2:Manual Book:  Detail instruction book with clear drawing will be provided to tell you how to install and operate the machine.
3:If customer's technicians come to Guangzhou and visit our factory, we can train the customer's technicians to operate and install machines.
4:It is possible that customers need our technicians to install and train customers operating machines in their country. We have technicians who have been to many different countries to work.
5:If you are interested in our products, please contact us. We would be very glad to provide professional service for you. 


Our Office & Workshop







1:Q: Can the power supply be single phase?
  A: Single phase electricity is not applicable. It need the industrial supply electricity for the whole plant, that is to say it needs 3 phase electricity, 380~420V/50Hz/3P or 220~240V/ 60Hz/3P, or other types.
For special power supply type, we will design a special motor for you. So please kindly tell me your local industrial power supply when you send the inquiry, we will offer you based on the exact requirement. 

2:Q: If this is my first time to invest ice business, what kind of factor I need to prepare for it?
  A: Firstly it is better for you to do some marketing investigation  to decide how big capacity machine you need to invest. Secondly you need to check that if there is clean water and power supply for the machine. If the power supply is not stable, many customers consider to equip power generator. As for water, it is better to equip water treatment to make pure water, filling inside machine to make ice. 

Water treatment to pure water → ice machine to make ice  → digital scale and sealing machine to pack ice bags  → cold room to store ice

3:Q: Do you make testing and commissioning before you deliver the machine? 
  A: Yes, all of our machines will be tested and commissioned at least 3 days to ensure sufficient output and stable performance before delivery. When you get the machine, you just need to  connect water and power to make ice. 

4:Q: As for the edible ice making machine, which one is more popular, tube ice machine or cube ice machine? 
  A: The popularity depends on customers' habits. And both our cube ice machine and tube ice machine have a good marketing. According to our marketing experience, customesr from Southeast Asia and South America  prefer tube ice; and customers from Middle East countries prefer cube ice. 



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