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Icesource Employee Birthday Event in November

In order to promote the company's corporate culture, let employees feel the warmth of the Icesource family, give employees affirmation and gratitude for their long-term hard work, express the company's care for employees, Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd. holds birthday parties in every month. The employees hold the birthday party, and when the birthday stars gather together, this moment, the company's conference room is extraordinarily warm and welcoming, and everyone laughs and happily haunts them. In the harvest and blessing, a young happy smile is fixed in memory.


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November Birthday Photo with Customers


Around 6 pm on the 21st, the meeting room had already placed all kinds of delicious food, and then the birthday stars entered the scene one after another. At 6:10 pm, the birthday party officially began. The event was hosted by Miss Cao, and her humor was humorous, which made the applause constant. Followed by everyone's self-introduction, everyone introduced their character, hobbies and birthday comments.


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Sharing Birthday Feelings


After the birthday stars shared their birthday feelings, the whole scene was extinguished. When "Happy birthday to you…" this familiar and beautiful melody sounded, the birthday cake appeared, the whole audience sang a happy birthday song together, and the birthday stars cut the cake together. The wish, the candle, the atmosphere was pushed to the climax. A bright smile, a sincere wish, a grateful words, the same birthday party, each time to the "Ice Spring Man" with different touches!


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Customers Join Us in Birthday Party


Birthday stars felt young again, and they are actively involved in various game sessions. They laughed and even blew candles and cut cakes. They all found childhood fun.

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Wonderful and fun game


"Employee-oriented" is the core competitiveness of a modern corporate culture. An excellent enterprise should have a corporate culture with rich connotations and profound knowledge. Combining scientific management with humanization is an important part of corporate culture. The monthly birthday party held by Icesource is a kind of measure that reflects the company's humanistic care. I believe that through this meaningful activity, every "Ice Spring Man" can feel the company's deep affection and feel the collective warmth and happiness.