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Icesource(CBFI) Held The Midyear Meeting of 2016

Guangzhou, China, July 4th to July 6th, 2016— Icesource(CBFI) midyear meeting of 2016 was held in the marketing center in Poly Taltowun. The general manager-YANG Hongbo and the marketing team, about 40 people presented the meeting. And the meeting was hosted by ZHANG Shaozhi, the marketing director.


Summary And Reflection In Departments

July 4th, every department held their own review meetings first, including Foreign Trade Department One, Foreign Trade Department One, Domestic Sales Department, Technical Department and Marketing Department. The department mangers guided the members to sum up their work in the first half of the year and to propose their plan and goal in the second half. Finally the managers summarized and submitted a preliminary department work plan after discussion.


Exchange And Share Among Departments

After the department review meeting, 5 departments held the exchange meetings. Every two departments discussed and found the problems based on their actual cooperation. Then they decided and put forwarded the improved methods with details. Besides the exchange meetings, there were share meetings of classic customer cases from the sales team. The share meetings not only let the old and new salesmen learn from each other, but helped new ones avoid detours. What’s more, other departments could know more about the sales job and provide more support in future.


Plenary Report And Prospect

July 6th, the department managers reported with the combination of the discussion results and the work summary in the first half of 2016. After listening the reports carefully, YANG Hongbo, the general manager summed up comprehensively and pointedly.

During the midyear meeting, the marketing team reviewed their work in the first half of 2016 and made the clear work plan of the second half of the year under affirmation and reflection. Icesourcers will provide better and more professional service of refrigeration equipment solutions for customers.