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Guangzhou Icesource “Happy Eating Time” Barbecue

Guangzhou Icesource “Happy Eating Time” Barbecue was held in Dafushan on 1st July.





In the morning, we went to Dafushan together.


冰泉2017烧烤活动--搬食材冰泉2017烧烤活动--洗菜 冰泉2017烧烤活动--烧烤活动-1


After arrival, all of the workmates worked in cooperation to prepare for the barbecue, taking all of the foods down the car and washing them.




We had many interesting activities before eating like playing table tennis, playing billiards, singing and playing cards. Each person enjoyed themselves in different games.


冰泉2017烧烤活动--自由活动-1 冰泉2017烧烤活动--骑单车活动 冰泉2017烧烤活动--拔河活动-1 冰泉2017烧烤活动--拔河活动


The most exciting parts were the “Bicycle Race” and the “Tug of War” held by Human Resources Department.

Workmates who joined the games had a good time, others cheered for them.


冰泉2017烧烤活动--烧烤活动-3 冰泉2017烧烤活动--烧烤活动-2 冰泉2017烧烤活动--烧烤活动


As time went by, all of the games have been finished. We stared to prepare for the big meal since all of us felt hungry after playing.  




We enjoyed the delicious food at last, and kept for our memories.