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Aquatic Processing Center Project in Guangdong China(1)

The reason customers choose us


1. Professional design and construction team has rich experience in design and construction of cold storage engineering at home and abroad.

2. Overall solution design meets customer needs and reduces investment.

3. Independent innovation of the cloud system, as the first of the industry, successfully impressed customer.



Guangdong China


Geographical Features

Guangdong Province belongs to the East Asian monsoon region. It is subtropical, southern subtropical and tropical climate from north to south. It is one of the regions with the richest light, heat and water resources in China. The annual average temperature is about 19 ° C – 24 ° C, the average temperature in January is about 16 ° C – 19 ° C, and the average temperature in July is about 28 ° C – 29 ° C.


Usage of Equipment

Aquatic processing.


Device Configuration

Large-scale cold storage and supporting equipment


The overall introduction of the project

The project is a modern aquatic processing center with the latest 3D shuttle shelves.


Project site photo

Design and construction team on site survey



Construction team settled in the site and started construction



The cold storage board on the construction site is neatly arranged