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Cube Ice Is Not Clean? Ice Machine Is Not Clean?

Hot summer is approaching, a glass of iced cola or milky tea is a best chill for the hot.


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But recently author often heard people say, the ice used in the drinks is made of dirty water, even water from the toilet. Is that very horrible? As an ice machine industry practitioners, let me tell you, the reality is not horrible, but very skeptical. Most businesses will not use dirty water to make ice, because it is too easy to be found, dirty water is smelly, will certainly affect the taste of the beverage itself. But using the water in the bathroom is possible.


Why? The reason is that some businesses do not have water in the store, rather than foreign public drinking water, the domestic public water can only be found in the bathroom. So, it is not difficult to explain why businesses may use the water in the bathroom. We all know that the emergence of a variety of bacteria are inevitable even in a clean toilet. Coupled with the chlorine taste in the water, if the water is directly used for ice making, then the ice is surely not clean. And even if stores which have water tap, they will generally choose to use tap water for ice making. As for the smell of chlorine in the water, some small ice machines have built-in filter to remove the smell, or some businesses will use a small water filter. This can effectively remove the smell, but the small filter can not guarantee the killing of the bacteria. You may wonder why they do not heat the water. Because the cost is too high, heating containers, cooling containers, heating energy consumption, which will bring the cost increase. For a small store, it is unbearable.




Is all the ice unclean? Of course not, there are now more and more edible ice factories, these factories use large edible ice making machine, supporting large-scale water purification equipment, getting the national QS (now changed to SC production license) food safety certification after the government investment. They provide clean, hygienic, convenient and cheap bags of ice for all businesses that use ice.




What are the advantages of large edible ice making machines? Because of the supporting of large-scale water purification equipment and the use of food-grade material 304 stainless steel, the pureness of ice is ensured. And because of the high degree of automation, ice is untouched through the entire process with no pollution. Because it is more energy saving than small ice making machines, costs are low. Businesses can get not only better quality of ice, but also lower cost.


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