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Change To Better

–CBFI Launched Five-star Profit Mentorship Project


Guangzhou, China, August 13th, 2016— The kick-off meeting of Changsong Consulting·Guangzhou Icesource  Co., Ltd(CBFI for short) Five-star Profit Mentorship project was held in CBFI’s marketing center in Poly Taltowun. The general manager-YANG Hongbo, the teachers of Changsong Consulting project and about 100 office workers presented the meeting.

Built in 2010, CBFI develops quickly. The productivity, scale of production and marketing capacity improves instantly, grows from a newborn with 23 members to a leader in ice machine industry in Pearl River Delta with 160 members. Rapid development is always accompanied with questions and contradiction, CBFI is no exception. The contradiction between increasing demand and lacking core competitiveness, the contradiction between the demand for increasing sales volume and lacking market expansion capacity,  the contradiction between employees’  welfare, promotion and development and  low profits,  the contradiction between productivity, production efficiency, customer service level,quality and brand building.

Various contradictions has impeded CBFI’s smooth development badly. To solve the problems, CBFI introduced Five-star Profit Mentorship project from Beijing Changsong Consulting CO., Ltd. The project would help to solve the problems of CBFI’s strategies, products, flows, talents and mechanisms. Changsong Consulting CO., Ltd, Changsong Consulting for short, was found by Jia Changsong. Changsong Consulting mainly offers consults for management systems and help enterprises to complete their management systems. At present, their competitiveness of building management systems is top in China. Icesourcers hope that CBFI could build a complete organization system and go further with the investigation and mentorship from the teachers.

Like the rebirth of eagles and phoenix, change is always accompanied with pains. Five-star Profit Mentorship Project wuld ask Icesourcers change the bad habits. Though hard, Icesourcers must hold on. Change is always accompanied more with growth. Change, to meet better us, better CBFI and Icesourcers.

Changsong Consulting project team has entered CBFI two weeks ago for research. They will implement the schedule based on the research results. Icesourcers will be strict with themselves, study hard. We will cooperate with the teachers and complete the tasks well. Let’s fight for CBFI becoming a innovative enterprise with core competitiveness.