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12 Tons Block Ice Machine In Cebu Philippines

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Philippine . Cebu
Southeast Asia。 Cebu, as the earliest urban settlement in Philippine, are famous for large population and highly advanced commercial and industrial centers.
It is a big potential ice market for the large demand of ice.
Customer has Daily Ice demand are more than 20tons. Client operate fishery farm not only selling fish, but also sell ice for keeping fresh.
Customer has big demand on ice above 20 tons per day. Especially in the hot season, the ice supply and quality is not good enough to meet his demand. So it had increased the cost on sea foods, and reduced the profit of his business. So customer decided to invest his own ice factory plant, in order to ensure his own demand and can sell the rest to make money. In this case, it has reduced the cost and make more profit on his business.
Customer purchase:2 sets of 12 tons block ice machine, 60 cubic meters cold room, ice crusher.